Company Watch: Stock Nearing 52-Week Low Enterprise Financial Services Corp (NASDAQ:EFSC)

Enterprise Financial Services Corp (NASDAQ:EFSC) shares have been recently spotted trading near the 52-week low. Investors will be checking to see if the stock rebounds or continues to move lower. The stock was recently seen at the 39.24 level, which is currently 8.73% away from the 52-week low price. We have noted that the stock’s current beta is 1.04. A positive beta would indicate that the stock follows the market. A negative beta would suggest that the stock inversely follows the market. A beta of 0 would show that the price is not correlated with the market.

Investors may be trying to decide which way the stock market will shift over the next couple of quarters. Having a general idea based on research is one thing, but constantly trying to time the market may lead to negative portfolio performance. Of course, overall market downturns can be frustrating to everyone invested in shares. Being able to ride out the day to day volatility and make proper investing decisions based on solid stock examination, may help the investor secure profits down the line. Investors who spend too much time focusing on stocks that have already made a run may find themselves in a sticky situation if they get into the name to late. Just because a certain stock has been going up for a long time, it doesn’t mean that the momentum will be sustained into the future. Taking the time to find quality stocks instead of just looking at the hot stock of the day, may allow investors to keep thriving in the market.

At current stock price levels, Enterprise Financial Services Corp (NASDAQ:EFSC) shares are trading -22.42% away from the 200-day moving average. Focusing on some other popular MA time-frames, we can see that the stock is trading -7.39% away from the 50-day MA and -0.26% away from the 20-day MA.

Over the last quarter, shares have performed -24.61%. For the last month, shares have performed -11.20%. Zooming in to the last week, company shares are 5.77%. Over the past full-year, Enterprise Financial Services Corp (NASDAQ:EFSC)’s stock has been -13.38%. Since the beginning of the calendar year, company shares have performed 4.28%. Investors will be waiting to see if shares see a turnaround in the next few weeks. As the stock nears 52-week lows, investors may be rapidly trying to figure out the next move.

Focusing on Street analyst opinions, we can see that the current consensus target price on company shares is $52.00. Moving over to the consensus broker rating, we see the number is 2.00. This rating uses a scale where a 1 or a 2 would indicate a consensus Buy recommendation. A rating of 4 or 5 would indicate a consensus Sell recommendation. A rating of 3 would represent a Hold recommendation.

Checking in on the RSI or relative strength index for Enterprise Financial Services Corp (NASDAQ:EFSC), we have noted that the current 14-day level is 46.05. The RSI is a popular oscillating indicator among traders and investors. The RSI operates in a range-bound area with values between 0 and 100. When the RSI line moves up, the stock may be experiencing strength. The opposite is the case when the RSI line is heading lower. RSI may be used to identify overbought or oversold conditions. An RSI reading above 70 would be considered overbought, and a value under 30 would indicate oversold conditions. A level of 50 would indicate neutral market momentum.

Investors may be wondering what’s in store for the next couple of months in terms of the stock market. Bull markets are times when investors may be willing to take some liberties with stock picks. Risk management is typically on the minds of many investors. Investors trying to gain an advantage may be searching for the perfect balance and diversification to help ease the risk and give the portfolio a needed boost. With so many different stocks to study, it may take a while to hone in on the proper ones. Investors will also be closely following the next round of economic data. Investors may be on the lookout for the next major data announcement that either keeps the bulls in charge or ushers in the bears.